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Manchester Photo Booth Services

Photo Booth

Photo booth services have been around since the 1980s, but over the past year people are hiring a fun version of them for their weddings, party’s and corporate events.

There are different types of photos booths, with the two most popular designs being the enclosed box booth and open-air booth. They have their advantage/disadvantages with different options being suitable for the type of event that it will be used in as well as budget.

The booths are self-operated and only require people to follow the onscreen instructions in order for them to get their picture taken. Booth attendants are usually on hand to assist but mainly to keep an eye on the equipment.

There are a large number of photo booth services that cover the Manchester area. The vendors are known to provide themed booths to create that extra factor when someone wants something special for their event. Due to the competition, the photo booth services in Manchester need to try hard to make their service stand out from the rest. Some of the examples are Photo booths in a taxi, a Photo booth in a VW camper van, and one of the newest arrivals in Manchester is a photo booth in an Indian rickshaw. All of these companies provide the standard green screen option (allows you to add funny scenes in the background of the photos), unlimited photos, logo or personalized message on the prints, video messages, and large group photos (open air photo booths)

Tip from us

If you are struggling to pick a service for your event, let us provide you with our recommendation. One of the biggest fun factors of using a photo booth for guests is the ability to do fun and silly things with large groups of friends and family. The standard box booth as well as other restricted area booths can make this difficult. Another factor to keep in mind is the cost. Some photo booth companies can charge between £350 to £450 for a standard package! For the above reasons we recommend the open-air photo booths. They provide all the advantages of the other booths but allow the flexibility to take shots of large groups of people (some can accommodate upto 15 people). These types of booths are also the most cheapest that you can hire at the moment. You can typically pick up a standard 3-hour package for around £280. If you want more information on this type of booth, have a look at this service We have used them in the past and the guys who run this really know what they are doing.

How to Take the Perfect Wedding Photo

The Castlerosse Hotel Wedding Venue.
© Don MacMonagle - *** Local Caption *** © MacMonagle Photography, 6 Port Road, Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland. +353646632833

A wedding marks a special event in a couple’s life. It is no surprise that in such an important ceremony, people want to keep as many memories as possible for the future. In order to do that, you first need to know how to take the perfect wedding photo. There are no specific guidelines or rules to taking a great picture, but they are a couple of tips that can be of great help.

  1. Be Genuine Taking the perfect wedding photo consists on capturing the right moments. Usually, the best pictures are the ones you did not notice were taken. So if you want to find the perfect moment to capture, you just have to let the emotions of the special day take over and be patient for the perfect shot.
  1. It Is All About The Company A wedding is shared with some of the closest and more loving friends and relatives that a person has Follow the saying, “the more the merrier” and decorate your picture with your family and some of your most intimate friends to snap a wonderful moment.
  1. Kiss, Kiss No perfect wedding picture can be completed without a true love kiss from the happy couple. Whether it is gentle, passionate, or cute, a kiss brings a special touch to your pictures and will definitely be a memory you will want to keep forever.
  1. Setting Even though weddings occur in the most magical places, it is important to consider the setting of your picture. For example, if the wedding is taking place in a country club, be sure to ask the staff some of the best views to capture the perfect moment. The time of day is also very important. There is nothing more romantic than a picture with a beautiful sunset to go with it.
  1. Equipment In a world so full of technology, remember there is always better. Nowadays, people have the equipment to take amazing photos with their cell phones. This does not mean you should neglect a professional photographer’s ability to capture your perfect moment. Not only their equipment will surpass a cell phone by a lot, but they also know how to get the best angles and light. You cannot go wrong with a professional to take your perfect wedding photo. Now that you have these tips, you only need the special occasion to arrive. Remember, the most important thing about capturing memories is to be genuine and be able to act quickly when you see the perfect opportunity. It is alright to take thousands of photos because that way you will definitely find the perfect one Now, go explore and try out these tips to capture the perfect wedding photo.



Weddings should be one of the most memorable days in someone’s life, and what can really keep the good memories has to hire the best wedding photographer. Despite, being in a world almost everyone has their own Smartphone, it is good if a more professional photographer is hired. There are some qualities you need to view first about the same regarding the artistic style and professional skills. These are:

Do a research on different photographers to help you decide which skill you like most, and read some reviews from different most recent brides to check out photos of their weddings.

Try and set up interviews, because this is when you can get to know more about wedding photography skills, because you can’t judge by looks only. They will detail you on the fees also inform them about your wedding style, venue and what you want for your photos.

Get to narrow down your choices from different websites and photographers but don’t hurry to choose and make bad decisions, take your time on this because quality is hard to get and this is exactly what you need.

The references are so important to see, but always remember the photographer only brings the best ones.

Get to see few full wedding albums they have done before in different scenarios like church weddings, beach weddings or garden weddings, and look at the key and best moments you want to capture, know if they have good lighting, also if they can take good shots of your friends and family.

It is crucial if you don’t bond with a certain photographer, so make sure you must like and bond with them, so that they can be assertive enough to capture the moments, that why they need to ask a lot of questions and be a good listener.

After all this, try to compare the packages from the different photographers, this is because the pocket also speaks loud. You cant exactly tell how much you will need and you are sure of what you want, where the photographer is based or how many albums you will need, because the packages very much.

Ask about your rights too, because the photographer has theirs, they might want to showcase your photos for other future brides and weddings and you probably won’t like the idea.

Finally get the post production details, how many days it will take for the wedding photos to be ready, how many photos you should expect, and if they will get some retouch and editing.